Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Will This Make Me a Better Blogger?

After years working on the sketchiest of computer setups (I even blogged once from a computer lab at school, sigh), I've gotten myself a Macbook. I'm still figuring out how it works, but am excited and re-invigorated to work on artistic and research projects. Finally, a good computer!
What does this have to do with food? Um, not much I guess, except my old, failing Vaio made me dread blog entries. So hopefully they'll be more frequent now. Oh, and I've been looking through pictures and have come across many beautiful food ones that I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

a salami sandwich eaten on a picnic in Rome, Italy, October 2009

pomegranates in a piazza in Rome, Italy, October 2009

rabbit in white wine with olives,Rome, Italy, October 2009

fresh salad, Florence, Italy, October 2009

candy apples, Little Italy, New York City, 2008

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will Travel for Good Food

The intrepid foodie in Toronto (or any city really) knows that in a city with urban sprawl like ours, to say that you're only eating downtown can become a little limiting after a while. If you have the time, access to a vehicle, or are in other parts of the city, it might be worth it to venture out of your comfort zone to have a meal. And if you do really love food, these can become "food adventures," and a way to while away an afternoon or an evening.
I've been told that the best place in Toronto to have dosa (South Indian crepes stuffed with potatoes or other items) is on Lawrence East. I still have to ascertain the exact location from my folks, but why would I think of going to Udupi Palace on Gerrard (or Trinity Bellwoods, *shudder*), as adequate as they are, when there might be something better a little trip away . And I've known for a while that the best places to have dim sum are in North York, Willowdale, and Richmond Hill.
A few weeks ago I was at The Mixmaster's place for a relaxing weekend. Well, relaxing in that we hussled up to Unionville, which took 2 hours each way, to see the Automatistes Revolution exhibit at the Varley Gallery. The Mixmaster was eager to take me to have Gujarati vegetarian thali at Markham and Lawrence afterwards. The place is called Govardhan Thal, it is two block north of Lawrence, and their number is 416-438-0544. For a mere $5.25 we received rice, 5 puris, 4-5 subjies (vegetable dishes), daal, churdi (a savoury, milky, yoghurty dish), and shrikund (a milk-based dessert, on this occasion with dates and pistachios). The memories that were unearthed by the food, memories of my mom's cooking, of trips to Surat, India were bittersweet and healing. And the food was good, and plentiful; the one thali served me for 3 nostalgic meals. If I hadn't opened myself up to moving about the city seeking out new food experiences, I would have missed this quintessential diasporic moment.
So, check out the suburbs, revisit the haunts of your old hood, and pack a magazine or an ipod. Most of the new immigrant communities in Toronto, I feel, live in the suburbs, so supporting these businesspeople is imperative.